The Ionizing Air Nozzle is a shockless design that delivers high pressure, low volume  ionized air with pin point accuracy making it ideal for use in the tight confines of modern automated equipment. Ionizing Air Nozzles dramatically improve the effectiveness of compressed air blow - off by eliminating electrostatic attraction that causes particles to cling to the surfaces. Use a single NZ-3000 or several in combination to solve your difficult static electricity problems.

 For Ordering , Please Note:

 The cable connection, Straight Through  End Nozzle

 The cable kit required: Select a 10ft, 20 ft. or 30 ft cable kit.

  RFI Shielded Cable, if necessary - specify the exact length , shielded cable must be factory installed.

Picture of a Vortex Air Amplifier


Diameter: 2 inches  Length : 3 1/4 Inches

Input Power: 115 VAC 50/60 HZ ( others upon request)

Air Consumption: 5 CFM at 30 PSI . Clean Dry Air  only      

Recommended Power Supply : Model 1510